Koh Chang Trips and Tours

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A fishing village on Koh Chang islandSome ideas for places to visit in and around Koh Chang.

Koh Mak

A large island south of Koh Chang. Koh  Mak  is blessed with several beautiful bays and beaches. Nearby are coral reefs that are in perfect condition. The islanders make their living by growing rubber and coconut trees. The best time to visit is November-late April.

Klong Plu Waterfall

Best known and most popular waterfalls due to its close proximity from the favored beaches of Klong Prao and Kai Bae. Klong Plu Waterfall is a large fall of 3 levels. It has been an important water source to the Koh Chang dwellers for a long time.

Tan Mayom Waterfall

A waterfall of medium size. The royal monograms of King Rama V and VI are carved on the rocks, as they have visited the place and singed their royal names on the highest cliff of the cascade.

White Sand Beach

One of the longest beaches on Koh Chang. Bungalows and resorts of reasonable process are easily found. The beach has fantastic views, the 2 km-long beach is very popular among tourists. this beach is very suitable for swimming. Food, Bungalows  & tourist shops are available in this area.

Klong Prao  and Laem Chai Chet

These beaches are long seaside adjacent to Kai Bae Beach. The beach is rather steep. Swimming is possible. Standard bungalow with facilities are everywhere to be found. The northern most of Klong Phrao Beach is near the Chai Chet Beach.

Koh Lao Ya

Comprising tree small islands – Koh Laoya Nai, Koh Klang _ Koh Nok. Koh Lao Ya island has sandy beaches with some resorts and is situated south of Koh Chang. Very good for swimming and relaxation.

Koh Kradad

Situated northeastern away from Koh Mak. Formerly, the area was abundant with Kradad trees; hence, the name of the island. The place was the first island to have the land title deed since the period of King Rama V. During the time French colonization invaded the Southeast Asia. France was trying hard to seize some areas of the Kingdom including Kradad. King Rama V, therefore, ordered that the land title deed of Koh Kradad be issued. Tourists attractions include the white long beach and a herd of deer.

Koh Rang

The Island is the west of Koh Mak. It is covered area beautiful beach. Where the white sand and clear water. Your can enjoy diver and swimming to see corals reef.