Koh Chang Travel & Tour Guide

Why Visit Koh Chang?

Every person might dream about spending time with his or her beloved on an island. You can find some exotic beaches all around the world. In case you are looking for a virgin beach or island, then Thailand is the place for you. Thailand has a reputation for being the land of beaches and islands. After Phuket, the largest island in Thailand is Koh Chang Island. You can mark this island on your tourist itinerary. We shall explore the reasons why.

Koh Chang Island

Geographically located around 300 km east of Bangkok, Koh Chang has the unique shape of an elephant’s head. Hence, people know this island by another name too, Elephant Island. This island forms part of the Mu Ko Chang National Park. You can find a whole range of entertaining locations such as jungles, waterfalls, beaches, coral reefs, as well as luxury resorts and beach huts. Encompassing an area of around 429 square km, you will find 70% of the island as a rain forest. Thus, you can see greenery in abundance here anytime.

Best time to visit

The best part of the island is that you can visit this island all round the year. However, you should know the seasons in this place. The time from November to February is the winter months. You can have the best climate during these times. Hence, you might find a heavy crowd here at times. The months from March to May comprise the summer months. It is usually a holiday in this part of the world during April and May. Hence, you can find local people flocking during this period. The rainy months from June to October are the lean months where you can find a reduction in the prices as well as the traffic. However, you can witness and experience the rain forests in full glory during these months.

How to reach Koh Chang

Though many transport routes are available, the cheapest and the best way to reach Koh Chang is by luxury bus from Bangkok. You can also fly up to Trat Airport and then take one of the two ferry services to reach the island. However, once you reach the island, the best way to go around the island is by the songthaew (pick-up taxi truck). This truck will take you to every spot on the island. You can also explore the island on a rented motorcycle. The Eastern side of the island is less populous than the Western side. You get the chance to mingle with the local village population as well.

Where to stay on Koh Chang?

You will find many luxury villas as well as beach huts where you can have a comfortable as well as an affordable stay. You can find beach resorts and hotels too that offer rooms at reasonable rates. The Northern end of the island is comparatively inexpensive where you can get accommodation in the smaller beach resorts. However, the most popular choices are the Klong Prao Beach and the Kai Bae Beach.

What activities can you do?

From marveling at the waterfalls to hiking in the jungles, you can do everything to explore nature at its virgin best. You can lap up the exotic scenery at the stunning beaches on the island. You can go for kayaking, diving, and snorkeling along the beaches. As far as the jungles are concerned, you will find trekking to be the best enjoyment. As a relaxing feature, you can experience a Thai massage in any of the numerous spas on the island. You can experience the pleasures of the local Thai food. You reserve the best part of your trip for an elephant ride on a jungle trek. You can be the lord of all that you can survey from the majestic height a top an Asian elephant.

Why visit Koh Chang?

After going through this article, this question need not have an answer at all. Koh Chang is the place where you can experience nature in its full glory at all times of the year. The most attractive part is that the island tour would fit into your budget perfectly. Every couple in this world should make it a point to visit Koh Chang Island. It could be the experience of a lifetime for each one of you.

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